Flipboard partners with WebAds in Italy, Spain and the Netherland

Flipboard partners with WebAds to expand advertising sales in Italy, Spain and the Netherland

September 2018 – Today, WebAds, the independent publisher ad sales house for digital media, is entering into a new partnership with Flipboard, award-winning content curation platform, as its official representative for advertising and media sales in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. This partnership marks the launch Flipboard’s commercial advertising business in these European countries, following the UK, France and Germany.

Working with a wide range of top publishers around the world, Flipboard gives people access to stories relevant to their interests. Through curation, it provides context and perspective for its audience of 145 million people around the world. By creating an environment where people come to enjoy the stories they care about, it also creates a powerful, interest graph for audiences that brands can advertise to, and achieve their marketing goals.

A study that Kantar Millward Brown issued earlier this year found that people come to Flipboard with the clear intention of exploring the interests that define who they are, and who they aspire to be. This intentional mindset allows for a uniquely open and responsive audience that welcomes relevant brand messaging.

“Flipboard is well known in Italy, Spain, Netherlands and loved for its beautiful design and quality content,” said Xavier Schijffelen, CEO WebAds EU “We have already received the first requests to run campaigns on the platform and expect interest to be high as we’re heading into the holiday season.”

WebAds will offer video, content and display advertising solutions, both through automated and direct sales, using sophisticated first party data for targeting to enable brands to connect with Flipboard’s premium audience while people are engaging with stories about their passions and interests in an elegant mobile environment.

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