THE DEMAND FOR VIDEO advertising is increasing and WebAds meets those demands by delivering viewable pre-roll, mid-roll, postroll and InPage/In Read inventory within a brand safe environment.

For InPage / in read video we have developed a new technology which enables us to serve video’s very precisely  on any desirable position and target to ensure high visability. We maximize viewable impressions in order to increase your campaign effectiveness.

When it comes down to the creation and insert of pre-roll or InPage videos we are always happy to give our clients guidance and support. We have an extensive database with numerous successful campaigns. For example we know from experience that the first three seconds of a video broadcastare the most important, creating up to 47 percent of the campaign’s value for ad recall, 32 percent of the value for brand awareness and 44 percent of the value for purchase intent – previous research from Nielsen supports these data.

For more information on the benefits of video advertising  please contact your nearest WebAds Office!

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