WebAds confirmed as Marketing Solutions partner for LinkedIn in Italy

WebAds, since 2009 LinkedIn partner for the Marketing Solutions in Italy was reconfirmed by LinkedIn for the tenth consecutive year.

LinkedIn worldwide counts 546M + members , only in Italy it exceeded 11 million. WebAds supports companies in the creation and management of their presence on the professional network – from the creation of their Company Page to the use of all the  Marketing Solutions tools – on desktop and mobile. Thanks to the deep product knowledge it provides to Italian advertisers – who plan on both the Italian market and abroad – the best practices of all industries internationally.

‘High ROI and accurate targeting options made LinkedIn the perfect channel to implement our strategy both at the institutional and content level. With Sponsored InMails, we’re able to reach and to eventually recruit candidates who perfectly meet our requirements, while Sponsored Content helped build up the brand awareness and the #Spiritoleader and #Growingleader communities’ said Sergio Oliveri Head of Promotion & International Media Relations MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business.

‘We are proud to represent LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in Italy’ said Constantijn Vereecken, Managing Director of WebAds. ‘Thanks to the experience gained over the years we believe we can add value to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for the market in a successful way’.

Discover Mycujoo

WebAds acquired the international rights for the monetization of the advertising space on Mycujoo.tv! This includes Dutch, Italian and Spanish inventory. We have signed a long-term agreement for 2018 and beyond.

Mycujoo offers a streaming and media rights platform for football clubs, leagues and federations. It focuses on non-premier tiers, which contents is not yet broadcasted on TV. The platform offers football clubs monetization of their content by creating advertisement space around the content. This can be pre-mid and post-roll video content, or display advertising (soon to be live). It already is able to offer content from more than 50 countries, with several Spanish speaking countries in the top 10, and Italy on the 14th place. The audience is best described as highly fanatic football fans, who are keen to be the first to discover ground-breaking talent.

Please, contact us for more info, media kit and to discover your opportunities for (inter)national campaigns with Mycujoo!


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PromPeru “Entdecke Perú” (Discover Peru) Campaign


Promperu – Peruvian Tourism Board

Campaign Name:

Entdecke Perú (Discover Peru)


German Market – mainly millennials


@xeniaoverdose FOLLOWERS – IG: 978K FB:166K YT: 16K

@pilotmadeleine FOLLOWERS – IG: 836K FB:105K YT: 71K

@muenchmax FOLLOWERS – IG:487K FB:1828 YT:


#EntdeckeDichInPeru (Discover yourself in Peru)


Communication strategy:

The strategy proposed by WebAds, curated by Iris Media Spain, involved the influencer agency Sammy Road.

The campaign went from April 2017 until November 2017 and was divided in three parts.

Part I: 4-day itinerary in Peru. The influencers posted pictures each day with over 30K likes each on Instagram, as well as a Vlog which reached over 25K views on YouTube.

Part II: Video produced by PromPeru posted on Facebook. Each Influencer reached an engagement rate of 7.5% approximately.

Part III: Contest on Instagram. Win a trip to Peru! The influencers posted a step by step description of how to participate:

1️⃣ Follow @peru & @pilotmadeleine
2️⃣ Comment under this picture and tag the person you would like to go with and why you want to discover Peru.
3️⃣ (Optional: Add #EntdeckeDichInPeru @peru in the comment section)

*Contestants must be from Germany and over 18 y/o.

WebAds exclusive dealership for upday advertising

The Samsung device app hosts native formats that enhance the user’s mobile experience.

WebAds will exclusively handle upday brand for Samsung, the exclusive European news service for Samsung smartphones, developed and managed by the German publishing group Axel Springer.

upday has been pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices. Strong with a journalistic editorial that daily selects and verifies the news, it contains two sections: the Top News, edited by editors, and the custom My News feed. Here the user can read news based on their interests: politics, economics, lifestyle, culture, sports, motors and more. The articles, aggregated and shown according to the behavior and choices of users, and refer to the most authoritative and well known titles.

Launched in March 2016 in Germany, France, Poland and the United Kingdom, upday is one of the major European news services, currently featured by over 9 million unique users per month, 1 million active users per day, spending the average of 5 minutes per page.

WebAds, strong in its very vertical positioning on advertisers and agencies, will leverage all native products and get integrated in the app structure, designed specifically to not disturb the user’s mobile navigation. Full screen cards are an integral part of the upday native experience and give full attention to the advertiser because they are full screen: they are not layers, they do not show very small listings, breaks or close buttons.

The content of the Sponsored Stories is written by professional journalists of upday. It is strictly related to the themes that advertisers care about. There are multiple targeting options, including device type and interest.

WebAds welcomes StyleLovely and LuciaSeCasa

WebAds is pleased to introduce two new publishers: STYLE LOVELY and LUCIASECASA, which come to increase Spain’s Luxury and Women channels from the 1st of November. We have reached a nonexclusive agreement for the rights of display formats in both sites for their whole inventory.

STYLE LOVELY’s users are 78% women, between 25 and 45-years-old with high purchasing power. They have over 4.5M page views and 30K downloads of their app. They specialize in fashion, style and beauty, and are also known for their influencer agency, collaborating with some of the most important Spanish bloggers, known worldwide. They work with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Mango and Clarins among many others.

LUCÍASECASA is one of the main references of the bridal sector. Their audience are women between 25 and 35 years old, with high purchasing power and interested in fashion.  They have a big social network community and video content.

Learn about ads.txt

WebAds ads.txt compliant

Ads.txt has been one of the latest buzzwords in the industry and is finally gaining momentum. This is because the major buying tools like DBM and AppNexus are now enforcing this initiative. This means these platforms will no longer accept inventory from sellers that have not been listed on ads.txt. The good news is that 99% of inventory offered by WebAds has now been provided with ads.txt. Buyers are now ensured of our direct relationship with publishers and can be certain their advertising dollars actually reach the publisher.

What is this ads.txt file?

Ads.txt is a simple text file published by publishers on their websites. The standard states that this file is made available directly under the domain: domain.com/ads.txt. It is also possible to offer a separate file per subdomain: sub.domain.com/ads.txt. The buying platform will first try to evaluate the file on subdomain level. If that file is not available, the platform will evaluate the ads.txt file on the domain level. The idea is that buyers will be protected from fake traffic this way and can be sure their budget actually reaches the publisher.

What does it contain?

The file gives an overview of sellers who are authorized to offer advertising space on behalf of a site/domain. A line contains the URL of the corresponding sales platform, the unique seller ID, a description of the relationship between seller and publisher and an optional ID provided by a certification authority. When we implement the new AppNexus video player we will discuss additional ads.txt lines with our publishers.

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